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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Staying on track for life!

So every year, I am an one of those who has kind of said 'screw' it during the holidays and particularly the week between Christmas and New Year. I always thought it was practically inhumane to expect a person to say no to so much especially since it is just once a year. Well this year I vowed to be different, I stuck (with a single exception) to no Egg Nog Lattes, I did no baking, no eating other people's baked goods, and basically stuck to my eating plan. Tina and I even committed to extra workouts and have been trying to get double workouts in a few times a week.

Usually on Christmas Eve I would have egg nog in my coffee, enjoy a quiet morning and then begin my cooking (and snacking). This year we went to a local trail at 8:00AM (lots of up and down's) and walked for three hours and over 9 miles!

Where I usually gain weight between Thanksgiving and New Year, I lost 11 pounds in that time period! Yay me!

By Gorge I think I might just be getting this...finally!

Just for fun attaching a before from Christmas Eve 2008 and the now Christmas Eve 2010


Allan said...

The top photo... Thank you !!

Julie said...


And the great part is, if you like me you enjoyed some treats but didn't lose control and won't even miss the things you didn't have. And won't miss not having to lose the pounds you put on!

~ Darla ~ said...

You are beautiful - both before and after. You look so much younger in your after picture. Good for you. Keep up the healthy journey.