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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not much to say

Well I haven't had much to say lately just kind of cruising along day by day. I think that guy who started AA and the phrase "one day at a time" was brilliant ... it is so how I feel right now.

The no sugar thing is actually going really well; but my workouts have been tough, I read that the first 2-3 weeks after going lower carb this will happen but suddenly your body figures out what is going on and then 'voila' you are performing better than ever. Still waiting for that!

Cravings are down! Last night my husband and I went to Wallmart to pick up some pool chemicals and I did find myself noticing all the freakin VDay stuff - big sugar cookies with fluffy pink frosting...and chocolate...oh chocolate.

But other than momentary lusting I haven't been as tempted to eat the sugary 'carby' stuff.

Ron did give me the 'ultimate' compliment last night "you are the hottest girl in Wallmart, seriously when I was coming back from the pool section and you were ahead of me with the cart; guys kept turning to check you out". Hmmm the hottest girl in Wallmart...sounds like a bumper sticker or t-shirt!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ode to my treadmill

You stay in the basement alone and in the dark until I need you; never complaining you wait patiently. You are old I know (15 years or more now) but you faithfully start up when I ask you too, even though you are a bit rusty from the years when I ignored you and left you in the garage alone for years.

Somehow you knew I would come back; and this year I did! My awesome husband set you up inside and we put a tv in front of you and I learned how to watch movies on my laptop through the tv! Wow it was like a whole new world opened up to me! I used to hate being on you and watched the clock, but now I look forward to you! I find a new movie I haven't seen or an old favorite and can stay down there for 1-2 hours without even much thought about time.

I love you treadmill! You rock!

In fact I think I will come down right now for a visit :-)

Monday, January 31, 2011

The great sugar experiment...

So I did pretty well today!

(5:30am) Pre workout - Coffee & splash of skim milk, oatmeal with 6 walnut halves & 1/2 scoop protein powder
(7:30am) Post workout - Light string cheese & three apple slices
(10:00am) AM Snack - Vanilla greek yogurt (yes there is some sugar in this but I thought the protein & calcium made it worth it)
(1:00pm) Lunch - One cup broccoli soup and side salad
(4:30pm) PM Snack - Zone Bar
(6:30pm) Dinner - Stir Fry with veggies and top sirloin served over a bed of lettuce instead of rice

So far so good -- one day in that is easy to say, wait until Saturday night when I have to say no to my glass of red wine ;-) ... ummm wait sugar from red wine is natural not processed...have I just found a loophole?????

Stay safe out there!

Wow this huge storm moving into the Central area and then to the East is sounding pretty scary! Just wanted to remind my fellow bloggers that staying inside and off the roads is the smart thing to you didn't already know that :-)

Post pictures - I will live vicariously through all of you!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who is the enemy???

Since I am getting closer to my goal weight...I am trying to find a way to live like this forever. I really am starting to think it is harder than losing it in the first place. I mean when totally focused and 'on program' I just had to tell myself that I had goals to meet and this food was just getting in the way of those goals. Now I feel a little more pressure to find a happy medium...granted I am probably the only one putting this over my head...but I worry nonetheless. Like when Darla was talking about her party last night (which she rocked by the way) and how hard it was while everyone around her was going at it, she had to keep careful count of everything that passed her lips. We all say we hope it gets easier, I think I am just now resigning myself to the fact that I don't think (for me) it will get easier. It hasn't yet anyway.

I left her a comment and basically 'admitted' that I think this is my Achilles heel...the IT that I will have to battle forever. I worry so much, I even panic when I think about being 70 and home alone, that I will just want to eat and watch tv all day...I am 45...why am I already paranoid about how I will be 25 years from now?

So after much internal thought and many battles in my mind; I think I must admit that I am addicted to sugar. Although I have lost my weight through WW and by moving my body more (a lot more) I really don't think I am one of those who can just calorie count. I can't just have a little treat after dinner, count the points, be happy, and move on. If sugar gets into my bloodstream it is like cocaine or something, I turn into a crazy person obsessing about my next fix.

I have been plateaued for a few weeks so I thought it was a good time to shake things up and try something sugar! I have been paying attention lately and making notes and it seems to be refined sugar and super simple carbs (potato or tortilla chips, and white bread). So while I am not giving up my pre-workout rolled oats I am dramatically reducing my carbs for two weeks to see what happens.

My husband is on board so tonight for dinner it is homemade cream of broccoli soup, 4 oz pork, and salad. After my early morning oatmeal it will pretty much be it for carbs, other than vegetables. So I am not going totally low carb because I am terrified to start eating fat in crazy amounts - my modified plan is to allow some additional fat, but I am staying below my 1500 calorie budget still.

I figure we all have to find what works best for us and I am hoping that with sugar out of my system the weird food cravings and up's and down's will go away. It won't kill me to never have another donut...seriously! I have been noticing that when I eat sugary crap it doesn't fill me up many donuts does it take to make Teresa feel full? A lot! Yea just my luck, I have iron dreams and iron guts, nothing makes me sick...pathetic. The years of overeating have really paid off...yay me :-(

Wow what a jumbled mess this post is...sorry poor appears my brain just threw up all over my computer with no rhyme or reason. See I told you this was hard!

I did 6 miles run/walk on the treadmill and am at 960 calories before really other than my whole gut talk, it was a good day :-)

PS I am updating my weight loss ticker I am going a little lower than my original weight loss goal, as of this morning I am 20 Lbs away from the new lower goal.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dear STP,

Bringing good people together by any means necessary.... but typically thru

Yep I am afraid of you...all 203 miles of you...but I have learned that fear is just a feeling which passes after enough TRAINING! So STP tomorrow is my first ride to train for you (insert evil laugh here) and I will be ready!

P.S. my secret weapon is my team!