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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not much to say

Well I haven't had much to say lately just kind of cruising along day by day. I think that guy who started AA and the phrase "one day at a time" was brilliant ... it is so how I feel right now.

The no sugar thing is actually going really well; but my workouts have been tough, I read that the first 2-3 weeks after going lower carb this will happen but suddenly your body figures out what is going on and then 'voila' you are performing better than ever. Still waiting for that!

Cravings are down! Last night my husband and I went to Wallmart to pick up some pool chemicals and I did find myself noticing all the freakin VDay stuff - big sugar cookies with fluffy pink frosting...and chocolate...oh chocolate.

But other than momentary lusting I haven't been as tempted to eat the sugary 'carby' stuff.

Ron did give me the 'ultimate' compliment last night "you are the hottest girl in Wallmart, seriously when I was coming back from the pool section and you were ahead of me with the cart; guys kept turning to check you out". Hmmm the hottest girl in Wallmart...sounds like a bumper sticker or t-shirt!


Julie said...

LOL! What a sweet guy!

Yea for less sugar cravings.

Lora said...

Too adorable. Congrats on being able to avoid those temptations.

Anonymous said...

Hot, hot, hot. I bet you're the hottest girl in lots of places!

I've noticed all the V-day crap out there too. Step aside, I'm too good for you (lol).

I bet your work-outs have been hard and I agree one day at a time...absolutely brilliant. And besides, that's really all we've got, isn't it?

Maude said...

That WOULD be the best t-shirt! I love it :)

andi said...

Ha, too sweet of him!

Jess @ THIR said...

Where can I get that bumper sticker?

Cinner said...

I noticed your picture and you are beautiful. one day at a time. I have been staying out of the stores so as not to temp me. take care.

hailey said...

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