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Friday, December 17, 2010

Flipping the switch

Hi everyone, I am coming home later today from three days working here in SLC. It just kind of hit me this morning how hard it is to move from 'weight loss only mode' into 'living the rest of my life like this mode'. I had a great week of eating responsibly and I did 1 hour workouts each of the three days - I should feel ecstatic, I am finally making this way of life a real habit. But no, I got on the scale in the fitness center and didn't see any change and felt irritated. My first thought (honestly) was why not have an egg nog latte, it doesn't matter anyway. That is when it hit me that I am still working on that part of my brain that needs to accept that now that I am down 52 LBS and pretty close to my goal, I need to be happy for the healthy way I am living and stop focusing on the stupid scale.

My biggest fear is that when weight loss is no longer a factor I will let my guard down and forget how to eat right. I don't worry about exercise I love it now and don't see myself stopping, but I still don't trust myself to eat "intuitively".

So anyway, just wanted to write that down.

Home - yay! No traveling until after the holidays, double yay!

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Raegun said...

Happy holidays to you, too!