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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Been reading a lot of "FAT" blogs lately and I think I see a trend here. Most of us are still kidding ourselves, with the exception of one gentleman I found in NYC who is being very real with himself and everyone around him. I think I am still in the dream frame of mind a little...yes I have lost weight and kept it off, but I also have gone up and down, and am still yo/yo'ing when I should just have it dialed in. I am not sure why, my trainer looks at me kind of confused when I weigh in...I feel bad for her, she can eat intuitively and doesn't even know how many calories she consumes each day, and yet she maintains a healthy weight. Whereas I have researched everything! I could write a best selling diet book, and I still can't get my weight under control. I know why, it isn't a mystery to me at all, I just won't make the leap. I can't figure out why though...what it is about sugar and fat that turn me into someone I don't recognize? This smart, very controlled woman is a complete moron when it comes to sticking to good food choices. I really don't want to be an 80 year old woman who still binges on sugar! Seriously this is ridicules!

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Allan said...

Not hard to do. Email me and I will tell you the secret. If you run, and train, then you are already fit. Now you need to get smaller. Easy, and I will trade you. Teach me how to run, I'll teach you what I have learned on how to eat..