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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Well having a blog (even if no one reads it) is turning out to be a pretty positive tool for me! Not only do I get inspired from the blogs that I follow, but if a craving strikes, I can come here and just write instead.

This morning I got up early and made coffee and proceeded to immediately want a left over piece of garlic toast that I made for our dinner last night. Now one would be fine, but I knew that starting with 'unplanned' eating first thing in the morning would be my downfall. Right away I started in with my rationalizing saying "oh well it is Sunday and I had a great day yesterday, I deserve a free day. I should just do that today and get serious tomorrow." It amazes me how I do that ALL THE TIME. Just saying no has been working so much better for me then 'considering' eating stuff I know I don't need. This morning I just turned off the counterproductive chatter and said NO, that was hours ago and guess what - my world hasn't ended because I didn't eat that stupid garlic bread. I haven't been craving it or thinking it about it all day - because of how I said no to it, without any wavering or telling myself "maybe later".

The next time I have one of those overwhelming cravings I really need to concentrate on how good I will feel in the hours following a NO, instead of sulking like a 3 year old because I can't have what I want that instant.

I am also really learning that everything I put in my mouth matters! I am a big one for thinking if it is one bite or something small that it won't make much of a difference. I am figuring out how important all those small choices are to my success or failure.

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Deb said...

I used to say that to myself as well. I'm now at the point of being unwilling to delay the day I reach goal anymore then I already have.

Sounds like you've got a good handle on things.