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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Committing to change

Isn't there a saying something like "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result", not sure I got it right - but I really identify with it. A few key behaviors have plagued me for sometime but I never seem to deal with them as issues, but just try and fight each battle. Well I am done with that. Here are a few trigger situations for me and my new game plan for handling them:

Snacking while I cook dinner - I always snack while I cook. Either I've already had a crappy day eating wise and think 'what the heck' or I've a good day and think 'I deserve a crouton or slice of buttered bread, or a few hand fulls of cheese'. Here is the thing - I can't stop at one and because I am cooking and doing other things, I lose track of what the hell I am eating. So now I am on day 3 of my new "no snacking" policy while I prepare any meals. So far so good! Tonight I almost threw an olive in my mouth as I was slicing them for a salad, but I caught myself just in time!

Eating after dinner - I get up early so I go to bed early, there is no reason I need a snack before bed; and nothing good comes of me trying to compromise that. I do better and feel better if I eat dinner, brush my teeth - and be done with it.

Not eating sugar - I have a tough time with this one! I have known for a while that sugar just doesn't do well in my system. I can go an entire day and not think about sweets once, but if I start the day with a small donut - forget it...I am screwed. So my plan with this is just to treat white sugar as the plague! I know in a few instances I can handle it, but I also know that in many more - I cannot.

As with most bad habits, it isn't really that hard to change the behavior - the hard part is committing to the change!



Deb said...

I have the same problem with sugar. I get a bit of it in my system and the cravings are insane. I really do better avoiding it almost entirely.

Julie said...

Found my way over here from another blog. Sounds like you are making some positive changes. It's the little ones that really add up. Keep it up!