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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Checking in between trips...

I am back from Boston and did really well with my eating! We went out to eat at the 2nd oldest tavern in the U.S. (The Warren Tavern) and while everyone was eating clam chowder, ale & cheddar chowder, and fried food - I ate a pear salad with grilled shrimp. I stuck to my no eating crap during the workshop - not a single bite of a donut, cookie, or brownie!

The only goal I made that I didn't keep, was the working out part. Unfortunately I caught a head cold en route and that combined with the three hour loss of time did me in.

Tonight I drive to Portland for another workshop and am feeling better - so same goals - and this time I plan to stick to the workouts!

Happy Halloween

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oh_mg said...

Great job sticking to your goals! I grew up in New England, and I know just how hard clam chowder can be to resist! I'd take that over Halloween candy any day!!!