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Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Battle Plan!

I have to travel to Boston next week for work and I am nervous! I have found in the past I struggle the most when I am working out of town. I do ok with the hotel and restaurant food when I have a menu and can make good choices. I struggle with lunches because the office I am visiting orders in and often it is something easy like pizza! Also we are in a closed conference room all day with donuts and cookies. It is difficult when you get tired not to reach for the quick sugar pick me up. So my plan this week is:

1. Workout! Make time to get into the hotel gym early so I can run or spin for an hour.
2. Eat breakfast at the hotel! If run late and don't eat I will be much more tempted by the crap in the conference room.
3. Bring my own snacks - protein bars, yogurt, fruit, natural almonds.
4. No alcohol! We usually have group dinners each night which means bottles of wine on the table.
5. Walk in addition to my workout!
6. Log my calories on my phone!
7. Drink even more water than usual! I tend to retain water after flying and changing climates, so the more water I drink - the better.

I am printing this post and taking it with me in my purse!


Mind Over Fatter said...

Great plan Teresa and I'm sending you a bucket full of virtual will power. Be strong and remember, one bit, one decision...

Julie said...

That's one of the most important parts, getting your mind in the right place before you go! You will be more successful then had you gone in with no plan!