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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Carrying the Load

Hi Everyone! Today is a gorgeous day in the NW, clear, cool, and bright! That is kind of how I feel right now, optimistic and sunny :-)

I have been doing very well on my 1200 calorie meal plan, pretty much eating the same thing everyday so I don't have to think too much. I used to think that in order to successful I had to mix it up and get super creative so I wouldn't get bored - I think the opposite now. I have heard that the people who keep off the most weight, eat almost the same thing every day! I do let my creative side come out for dinner - I have been trying lots of new light recipes.

I went to the club this morning and used a restroom stall before spin class. I noticed a little piece of leaf or something on the ground - then realized it was moving! I though what the heck is that and looked closer to find a tiny black ant carrying it across the floor. I know ants do this but maybe because the ant was so small, it really made an impact on me. I think I feel like sometimes, not so because I am carrying extra weight around; but more about the whole task of losing the weight and getting healthy. I have been pretty seriously at this for over four years now and it is still a struggle every single day. That is what gets old sometimes the constant battle in my head...even when I am doing well and feeling good, I must have to fight off temptation 5 times a day. Now the strength of the temptation voices do seem to be getting weaker, but it annoys me that they are still there at all. Enough already - GO AWAY. I am done with you.
I guess if that tiny little guy could keep carrying his heavy load this morning, I can keep fighting too!

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Allan said...

Love the Fortune Cookie stuff. Whatever works, you go girl !!