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Monday, January 19, 2009

Science and extra weight…

I was talking to my Tri Coach and we decided to try a scientific experiment to see how much a 25LB weight gain would affect her performance. We thought it would help us RTH girls to really see how extra weight impacts you during a run. We know it in our head, but I think some cold hard proof is always a good thing!

She is very clever ‘all things triathlon’ and came up with this great plan –

I’ll do a test run earlier this week - I’ll run for 40 minutes on the track and keep my heart rate between 150-155. I’ll track my splits on my garmin so everything is nice and recordable.

Then on Saturday I’ll run 40 minutes. 10 minute warm-up, then every 5 minutes I’ll put on 5 pounds keeping my heart rate at 150-155. Will track splits on my garmin again and voila!!

Stay tuned for our results!!!!

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