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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Resolution Run

I ran the second part of the Resolution Run series yesterday...below are some thoughts about it.

1.) I am, as Oprah says, back on the wagon! I am doing WW and losing weight and yesterday I proved to myself that I can still run, even 15LBS heavier than when I completed my marathon last June.

2.) I improved my time from the Jan 1st 5K (15.25 pace) to a 10K pace of 14.42.

3.) Now that I am on the wagon, I need to focus on staying put! I am so tired of comebacks, I want to improve my health and weight and stay there!

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Raise the Bar said...

Hey Teresa - I LOVE your blog. It feels like anything in your head spills right out onto your keyboard. That kind of honesty is very attractive....and alluring... Your lucky husband. :)