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Sunday, January 18, 2009

This one is for you 'T'

You know I love you, you know you have become my best friend, and you know I am there for you, always! But do you know how much I admire you? Watching you these past days dealing with the ICU, Nurses, Doctors, family, and friends, just leaves me speechless. I think so many of the traits which make you a strong athlete, also make you an awesome human being and incredible wife! I know you are scared, but a person would be hard pressed to see that in your demeanor. Then lets talk about your commitment to WW - it would be so easy to just blow it off, but it also isn't in your nature to give up so easily.

Your wisdom and grace are only magnified now and your sparkling brown eyes are truly the window to your beautiful soul!

Oops, did I just cross the Brokeback Mountain line...LOL, only you will get that one T!

Love you!


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