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Thursday, February 12, 2009

I love Wednesdays!

Smack dab in the middle of the week, is my busiest day of the week – perfect!

I wake up at o’dark thirty and brave the often slippery back roads to the track for our 6:00AM butt kicking speed workout. Weary and tired, but feeling good and so happy that I forced myself out of bed, I usually treat myself to a skinny latte and head to work. I try not to see too many people as I make my way to the least used restroom in our building (out in the warehouse), where I get ready for work.

After a full day of work, often yawning from the pre-dawn run, I head straight to my weekly Weight Watchers meeting where I meet several work buddies and tri friends…I tried to get as many of us as possible to join en masse for support and it seems to be working – we are all doing well!

Now I stop to grab a Subway Turkey sandwich (eat it in the car) and head to my 7:00PM swim workout with other Raise the Bar team members. Slip into yet another semi public restroom and change from work clothes to my swim gear and dash out to the pool for my second tough workout of this day!

Between my two workouts, I get an additional 16 activity points for WW – this makes me very happy!

Finally somewhere after 8:00, I drive home and usually drink chocolate milk in the car, which is my big celebration of the day!

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