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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thanks Patrick

I kept hearing about some guy named Patrick in different blogs and after a few weeks I found him here - http// (sorry I don't know how to do the fancy links everyone is doing...) I am sure everyone already knows him but if not...check it out.

Today is shout out day on his blog so I am taking his suggestion and giving a link to a few people that really inspire me. This is hard - everyone here inspires me.

Lesley resonates with me because she struggles and still keeps going...just like I try to do

I think Allan's blog was one of the first I started following, I read everyday and have a love/hate/love relationship with his no nonsense style. Kind of like the Nun in 6th grade who was known for being tough and scary, yet looking back I learned more from her than anyone else

Julie and Jess who are into Triathlon like me :-)

There are many more but this going and finding links thing is very time consuming and I have to get ready for work :-O


Life as a Caterpillar said...

Hey Teresa, thank YOU for the shoutout! I found those words to be very encouraging, i *do* keep going, even when i've found it a struggle, for whatever reason. And that's the most important thing, like you said in your last blog, that we keep working and celebrating what we have and NEVER GIVE UP!

I have heard of Patrick too, so i will go check out his blog now.

Thanks again for the kind words :)

~ Darla ~ said...

Patrick and Lesley are two of my favourite Bloggers. Your blog too. I find you very inspiring...I think of you as Iron Woman, not Iron Dreamer :)

AlmostGastricBypass said...

Patrick is way nicer than I am. But I think you are hot, so that counts for something...

Patrick said...

So cool, thanks for the shout out! Glad to have found you too :-)

Lesley, Julie & jess I have seen there blogs but for some reason have not got back in some time, thus I need to get back.

Allan is a rock star & I love this rock amongst us!

Have a GREAT day!

Julie said...

I too thank you for the shout out! I will be checking out some of the blogs I've not seen.