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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You may leave now Uncle Seth, and take your crack cookies with you!

I was in our grocery store today and walked casually through the bakery section and suddenly a box of cookies caught my eye. They are my favorite kind...sort of shortbread cookie with a fluffy frosting...I love frosting! Obviously I don't eat them anymore but I saw them in black and orange frosting for Halloween and I had this overwhelming urge to go grab them.
As usual I told myself no, but then I found my brain fighting me, suddenly I thought how unfair it was and that there is no way I can live my life like this forever! I headed toward the cookies, again telling myself "just keep walking", and it hit me that I felt like a three year old child in the middle of a tantrum. I really felt like stamping my feet and chanting "not fair, not fair, not fair"!

Once I realized how stupid and childlike I was being it was a bit easier to talk myself back to reality and I told myself "you can have those cookies, the choice is yours; but there is a consequence to eating them, are you willing to accept it"? Just then a very obese older woman came around the aisle leaning over the cart the way people do when they can barely walk through the store without losing their breath..and that was it, I had my answer. I kept walking past those cookies toward the bananas!

Those cravings still surprise me! The intensity and quickness of them often overtake me and before I can think straight I am sitting in my car eating something and wondering "how did I get here"?

At least today I was able to fend it off, I guess I just keep taking every little victory I can get and hopefully it will get easier.

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Jess @ THIR said...

Aren't they so strange?

I never had cravings like that when I was bigger. I guess cos I just overfed myself as it was.

Since I've lost 25kg, they are so intense. The need for me to get the peanut butter jar and stick my nose in it the week before my cycle starts is overpowering, and SO stupid!!

Well done for not giving in. And well done on not stamping your feet, because I actually would have, lol.